These maps were an experiment in modular level design. I designed the level layout and then searched through the retail game to find areas that would meet my needs, such as fully decorated and lit rooms, halls, and stairways. I copied and assembled these modules to fit my layout and modified them to fit my theme, changing areas from sunny outdoor settings to haunted indoor settings for example. I did the item placement plus kismet scripting including enemy encounters, sound effects, music and cinematics. My focus was on learning new features of Unreal Ed, not creating a level from the ground up.

The video starts after the player wanders through several rooms and contains cuts in lengthy battles because of video time constraint.

Nergal continues where Locust Park left off, with the player entering the library and descending into the caves below. Forced to leave his injured partner guarding the entrance, Marcus must hurry to catch the locust captain before he escapes.

“Overall – 12 / 15 – Well built, Solid and with some soul” “Fun, well built and with a smart use of cosmetics, Namtar and Nergal are the must downloads of this selection.”

From the review on moddb here