Seven Temples is an asymmetrical competitive multiplayer mod for Starcraft 2 where players control one of seven factions, each with unique units and heroes. As players build more temples they recruit stronger units at their capital. Temples also summon special bonus units depending on where they are constructed. I commissioned the illustrations below and did the graphic design for them.

Arakh is one of the three human factions. They specialize in maneuvering quickly over difficult terrain and also in destructive weaponry such as fire and siege engines. Their stone strongholds are highly defensible due to their location and if they gain a foothold high in enemy territory are very difficult to dislodge. They worship gods of lightning, fire, stone and clouds.

The Draugg inhabit subterranean halls in the isolated wilderness of the north. Locals fear and avoid the areas associated with them, thinking they are haunted by ghosts or evil spirits. Few if any living humans have seen them and in fact most of what few Draugg there are spend most of their time in what appears to be a vegetative state, slowly rotting away as the years go by. However, a cult has grown up around them and is gaining power in the north. Rumors of falling stars have also been spreading in the area after the rebellion. The cult worships gods of the stars, shadow, water and bone.

Gatha is an uninhabitable land of jungles and mountains located on the eastern continent. It is one of the few places that has remained largely untouched by the various human factions and is filled with dangerous creatures and nature spirits. The inhabitants are known to worship gods that sleep in giant caves under the earth. Gatha’s principle elements are earth, stone, bronze and horn.

Thraxis is lead by a rogue group known as the Xathrin. Called the “Demon Kings” by the shortsighted Thallians, the Xathrin use a pantheon of false gods to manipulate their human population. They use a number of humans as well as a host of unknown horrors they have somehow summoned to do their bidding. They enslave and feed upon their own subjects and appear to enjoy nothing more than reaching the deepest levels of decadence and perversion. The elements of Thraxis are obsidian, fire, bone and sulfur.

An early version of the Thraxis illustration

Above is an early version of the Thraxis creature. I always have fun collaborating with artists to create illustrations and 3d models for my worlds. The hardest part is always tracking down people with the right style and skills for the job.

Coming from the vibrant Brood War “Use Map Settings” custom map community I had high hopes for Starcraft 2. I spent a few months learning the editor and getting Seven Temples to a point ready for multiplayer testing. The SC2 map editor was fantastic, but unfortunately the poorly designed 2.0 made it impossible to get enough players for testing and continued development. You would sit in a use map settings lobby for hours and have no one join because everyone was filtered to the popular maps. The removal of chat channels also crippled the community and your ability to recruit testers.