War of the Rings is a mix of zone control and building castles to receive more powerful units in waves. Each of nine players controls a different nation from The Lord of the Rings including custom units, buildings and heroes. Most of my level designs are original so this project was very different from others I have done before. It shows how I used a reference (in this instance the map from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien) to create a huge map, trying to remain as accurate as possible but making concessions where needed for the sake of gameplay. I spent several months making it, referring to Tolkien’s map hundreds of times.


Below is the map I used for reference which I cut into a grid to match up with the game’s camera. The main challenge when referring to the reference came from the fact that the camera in Warcraft 3 is not top down and therefore forms a trapezoid instead of a rectangle.


In the shots below I am coming up with unit compositions and stats for each nation’s army. I always have fun designing custom units and abilities. These types of projects require countless iterations on unit balance.



Below are Bree, Rivendell, and the Hall of the Wood Elves in the Great Forest.




Below are part of the Lonely Mountains, The Ford of Osgiliath and Ithilien.