WH_KEYART_AWilson’s Heart is a first-person VR adventure set in a 1940’s hospital that has undergone a haunting transformation. As Wilson, you awaken to discover that your heart has been replaced with a mysterious device. As the hauntings intensify, you and your companions must traverse increasingly maddening corridors, overcome frightening environmental hazards and work together to defeat the sinister inhabitants to reveal who stole your heart… and why.

As a designer I gathered reference art and created pitch documents for environments, enemies, and puzzles. I did blockouts for levels and used our visual scripting system to set up puzzles. I created grey box prop models for outsourcing and also set up LODs with Simplygon. I handled much of the collision in the game, using Maya to generate simplified models or creating them by hand. I did video and screen capture for internal marketing and reference for voice actors. I also did some writing for newspapers and radio programs.


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