Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley is a side-scrolling twin-stick shooter where you travel through a variety of comic book worlds each with unique art styles, enemies and boss fights. I did some of the challenge levels as well as getting all of the dialogue into the game and blocking out cinemas and comic panels. I gathered reference art and came up with scenario ideas early on and did a fair amount of decorating at the end of the project.

Comic Jumper

This was a frustrating project because we wanted more gameplay variety such as powerups and alternate weapons but the game was kept extremely simple like Splosion Man. Simplicity worked in Splosion man because of the variety of unique hazards, puzzles and multiplayer but it did not work for Comic Jumper. The repetitive shooting with only a single weapon and the simple melee combat got old fast. It’s unfortunate because the high concept was great.

Below is some amazing promotional art by Cliff Rathburn. Originally we were going to have a fifth comic setting in a horror style but it had to be cut.


Below is a promotional comic from Penny Arcade.

comic jumper penny arcade cover

comic jumper penny arcade