I created dozens of custom maps for Starcraft, ranging from competitive multiplayer to cooperative story-based maps. Blizzard’s tools are always excellent and they really help make the best content possible. Below are a couple of screenshots from one of my maps showing some triggers, locations and the unit editor.



Below is my most ambitious custom map for Starcraft, Dark Sun (no relation to the D&D campaign). It took over 6 months to create. As with other custom maps, I had a group of friends as well as many random players play-test it with me throughout the entire process. I used the largest map size available and maxed out on locations, doodads and strings. I Made constant use of scripted events and special effects. I created an original story and had fun making up the names for all of the characters and units. I filled several notebooks and folders with pages of ideas and bug reports. Looking back I made countless terrible design decisions but it was a great learning experience.