Samples are from my Gears of War map “Nergal”

First I created seperate sequences for major parts of the map.

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This first sequence contains the cinematic that plays before the first battle as well as doors that are opened before and after the second battle.

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The first battle sequence. Battle music begins. Enemies are spawned at specific locations. Some path nodes are turned off to prevent enemies from charging the player too early. Path nodes are then turned back on when the player reaches a certain point so enemies can follow if the player runs away. When all enemies are killed the music is faded out.

The second battle sequence. Enemies start to spawn, battle music begins and a cinematic is played to show them advancing towards the player. A sound effect is played to show the anger of the enemies. More enemies are spawned when the previous groups finish spawning and after short delays. After all enemies are killed or if the player escapes to the next area of the map the battle music fades out.

The final battle sequence. I broke this into the following two pieces because of its large size:

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In this sequence the player enters the final area of the map. Two enemies are spawned before he enters a room and the player gets to see the enemies retreating to another room. A suspenseful sound effect players. The rest of the scripting deals with the navigation of the enemies so that they defend properly and create a proper ambush in the next room.

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Here the enemy turrets (troikas) are set up so that enemies spawn and attack the player with them properly. Battle music is turned on and off, waves of enemies are triggered when other enemies are killed, and the map is finished with the camera centering on the exit, text being displayed and new music starting.

There are encounters with several different types of enemies spawning and attacking from different locations. The timing is handled to make everything seamless and appear to flow naturally.